Who are we?

Le petit français du sud

Born of the encounter between a '' little french'' from south of France, more exactely of Var department, and a recognized italian designer, this brand emerged as a bet between these two friends ...

If at the start there was only question as to create for their own dressing or for few friends simple and casual models of polo shirts or t-shirts may be worn on all occasions, both on the job as an aperitif with friends or at a party more plugged

Share south

step by step came the idea to share with many more these simple and casual models, all adorned with the tricolor roundel revisited in the form of a stylish heart and ''le petit français du sud'', brand name, nice and affectionate nickname given this french from south for many years by his italian henchman

So here is how was born the brand ''le petit français du sud'', simple, chic and casual models, a new nice way to wear this beautiful south of France with lilting accents!